Sunday, August 25, 2013

From Super-Friend to Super-Foe

It is difficult to look inside the head of a probable schizophrenic like Mr Erdogan, and almost impossible to track his thought process vis-a-vis his political alliances. Not so many years ago he was best buddies with Bashar Assad, the president of Syria. You would not believe if I translated his discourse about Assad, his greatness, etc but maybe this photograph will:

family ties
Assad and Erdogan with wives
Assad has not changed; he was a dictator then, he is a dictator now.

Not so long ago, Erdogan had no trouble aligning himself with politicians and neo-cons like Graham Fuller, Morton Abramowitz, Paul Wolfowitz nor with institutions like AJC and ADL with obvious ties to Israel. He was eager enough to push several military projects like UAV's and modernization of fighter jets with the Jewish state. Now he is delusional enough to claim Israel set up the coup that ended Morsi regime in Egypt.

Foxman of ADL with Erdogan
Foxman and Erdogan
I have not seen any change in Israel's or USA's policy in Middle East. Right or wrong, it is roughly the same. Yet, Israeli-Turkish relations deteriorated to a record low or outright hostile if I may say.

Obviously, there is something wrong with Mr Erdogan. Yesterday you could be his super-friend, tomorrow he can declare you the most evil person in the world.