Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rainbow Stairs Frenzy

I have come to the conclusion that AKP (the ruling party led by Mr Erdogan) will not be able to govern Turkey even if they manage to seize a majority in the parliament after 2014 elections. They simply derailed; there is no other word to describe it.

After Beyoglu governor claimed colorful stairs would not make anyone happy and painted the Findikli stairs back to grey, everyone grabbed a can of paint and a brush and colorful stairs, sidewalks and what not (use your imagination) have begun to pop up all around Turkey. Here are a few pictures from rainbow stairs frenzy:

rainbow street diyarbakir
Diyarbakir - Sanat St.

rainbow stairs cihangir

rainbow stairs kuzguncuk

rainbow sidewalk urfa

LGBT has just declared "Pride Week" and we are waiting the expected reaction of Turkish government: unleashing the police, any minute from now.