Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New United Nations Coming

Turkish PM Erdogan
In a recent (Aug 22) TV interview, Prime Minister Erdogan has called for a new United Nations. Claiming UN is not working the way it is meant to be, "We told them so many times but they either did the opposite (of what we said) or nothing," citing UN's policies in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Israel, Egypt and Palestine as examples.

If we really say that the world is bigger than five [permanent members of the Security Council], then the other countries could establish their own United Nations. Such a move could be made. Such a move would prompt them [the United Nations] to reform. What will the U.N do when they (other nations) would pull?

I am appalled. First preciously alone, then magnificent defeat and now a new UN. Heading full speed but where?