Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pedals and Saddles

Everyone has her own way of blowing some steam. For me, it is cycling. Whenever I feel the urge, which is pretty often, I jump on my bike.

I made a lot of mistakes in life, too many bad decisions and countless poor choices but moving to Antalya is not one of them. Although Istanbul had its charm, it had become too crowded, way much noisy and outrageously expensive for me; and it was not a bicycle friendly city, not at all.

Below is a selection of pictures from my previous ride:

Giving the bike some rest
Then we go up:

Overlooking Hurma, Konyaaltı
Up up:

Konyaaltı and city center way back

Overlooking Antalya Bay
Until we reach the heavenly valley surrounded by mountains enjoying an early spring:

Here, you'll never have to say "shut up legs!"