Monday, August 19, 2013

The Correct Political System for Egypt

As the turmoil in Egypt continues, the death toll increases each day. It will eventually subside one way or another so it is imperative to understand what went wrong in Egypt's first trial of democracy.

I, for one, put the blame on the presidential system that put Morsi in power. The movement (that is softest word I have come up with to describe them) of Ihvan or Muslim Brothers found itself in full control with almost no restraints; remember that this was once an illegal underground organization that managed to survive by hard working and obeying orders to the letter, so nobody from within criticized.  With one fourth of the populace supporting them, the presidential system gave them the means to press their own agenda with no respect for different views. It lasted one year.

Now, try to imagine a parliamentary democracy with a coalition government in which Ihvan was a member, and ask yourself if this whole thing would have played out the same. I would go ahead and say it would have been a very troubled partnership, a lot of fights, tense meetings, etc but compromise in the end and no bloodshed. I humbly think it is still the right way to go. Finally,

Dear Brotherhood,
You screwed up! Give it up and get over it. There is no reason for your friends, relatives, colleagues, wives, husbands, sisters from either side to die. Reflect on what you did wrong. There will be many elections to be won or lost. Be a part of the process and help create a free and democratic Egypt for all.