Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tears Can't Hide Figures

I watched PM Erdogan crying on TV. Apparently he was deeply moved by the death of a 17 year old Egyptian girl in demonstrations. The video (subtitles are not mine, live with it):

It is really upsetting to see people die of all ages and gender and color, especially if you cannot do anything to help when it happens right in front of your eyes, on your TV or computer screen. You know it is not a game, no magical potion or wizard will give their lives back.

But was he sincere? I really hope he was not!

According to Bureau of Statistics, for the period 2002-2008:

  • 241 police officers, 91 soldiers, 17 special ops members, 15 rangers, 45 wardens were tried for sexual assault and rape. None was convicted.
  • 50% of rape victims were under 18.
  • 90% were girls, 10% boys.
  • Women called emergency response lines for:
    57% physical assault, 46.9% sexual assault, 14.6% incest, 8.6% rape
  • Total number of reported rape victims was 62,000.
  • In 2002, 66 women were murdered, in 2007 the number reached to 1011.
  • 55% of 5-10 year old children and 40% of 10-16 fell victim to incest.
And for the period of 2008-2013, the Bureau managed to say sex offences increased by 30% compared to previous 5-year period; no numbers yet (maybe they are too ashamed). I would also go ahead and say, after cross-referencing ... data, that ... (but it only means jail time for me).

He has/had an opportunity to make a difference and he has done nothing. When innocent people were being massacred in Egypt, his police force (my heroes he call them) killed 5 people and injured approximately 9000. Long term effects of 400,000 gas bombs and thousands of litres of chemicals used and literally poured on peaceful Gezi Park protestors are unknown yet.

So, I sincerely hope that he is just a lousy politician trying to steal a vote or two by publicly crying. If he is sincere, then there really is something wrong with him as his tears cannot hide his numbers.